North Bay Again

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The bite is fair since my last report. Some more halibut but mostly shakers in the teens.

Baits: anchovies and small smelt
Tides: both high and low in the late afternoon starting at 4:00pm.
Changed to spinnng outfits with 20/30# braided line main and 20# monofilament leaders.

Have been trying various rigs. I added one to the repertoire from Ken’s book. The trolley rig sans float/weights/beads. The simple one: Cast a weight out (with snap-swivel attached and maybe a bead or split shot just above). Then clip on and slide down a 3 foot leader with snap-swivel and nose-hooked bait).
Used about 3-4 ounces in this case to get the striper.
The majority shaker halibut coming up this late in July! Striper_reduced_287k.jpg
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Right on. I just looked up the Trolley Rig. I have heard of it, but never new what it was called, or forgot what it was called. I'll be using this set up tonight on the SC pier. I have a surf caster than can hurl a 4 oz pyramid sinker over 100 yards. I'll be fishing deeper that I have before and with the bait sliding down, I can fish the entire water column.

Just had a though run my head. If I am using the 2 rod set up, could I make it a 3 rod set up? Send the weighted main line down, then clip on the bottom bait line and send it down. But then alos clip on some bait with a float on it, using a separate rod. I would need help reeling in on or the other baited lines when the other hooked up, but that's what kids are for. Has anyone done this or tried this method before?

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I have heard of similar rigs but have not personally used them.
A rig they use for Kingfish (like king mackerel) in Florida from piers. They cast out a weight on a separate spinning rod far. Then they have a heavy conventional set up where they attach the mainline/leader by a breakaway clip. The line is let out on the conventional set up as the leader and bait go down and out. When the fish is hooked up, the breakaway clip is pulled off to fight the fish on the conventional set up.
Thank you. Anyone happen to have a link to a breakaway clip for use with a trolley rig. I am afraid the clothes pin won't hold it tight enough to slide a full mackerel down to the water.
I suppose, but it needs to be able to slide down the main line and unclip at the bottom. I think I found a way. I'll report back in a thread meant for the topic.

Sorry for the thread Jack.

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Below is a video that is a moving visual of the gear used (one type). I believe I viewed this a year ago? I have the same 6/0 HLW Penn. Audio is a little shaky at the beginning but gives you an idea of the actual type of gear you can use (I still would like a demonstration). I think you could use something similar for pier thresher sharks to get the bait out (I know 4/0 or similar were/are used with 10-13 foot rods).
Funny when the guy says at the end. ‘...$2,000 set up!’ The Penn HLW 6/0-USA is $150.00. Okay, I listened to the guy again and he says, '...not my preferred fighting's in the shop getting repaired.' Must be something like an
Everol 6/0 2 speed or Accurate ATD-50W. Doesn't really fit with the other pier gear he's showing but he did say 2k, lol ;)
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I like the sound of this very much, especially for baitfish with soft mouths/noses. This looks like a good way to get the bait out far enough without having to risk it coming off the hook during the cast. I also like the fact that only one pole is required using your method. Next time I hit a pier I'm giving some version of this a try.