Newport Pier, September 1st


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My wife and I did a long overdue getaway to the OC this weekend. I arrived at 5:50 AM at the Newport parking lot and let me say I am glad I don’t have to live that experience every time I fish my local spots!
About two hundred people were already milling around, mostly for the Dory Fleet fish market. This was cool but I had catching on my mind. I found some squid lying about at mid-pier and proceeded to the end to catch some bait. The square end section was already completely occupied. I used a hi lo rig with tiny circle hooks and squid to catch a small mackerel, a top smelt, and a lizard fish. I put the top smelt on a 4 oz pyramid sliding sinker rig with 1/0 live bait hook and dunked it under the pier between pillings. Meanwhile, a spot had opened at the end, so I relocated stuff. When I pulled up on the big pole, I was surprised to have a short hali on. Not super exciting but I could have skunked. Left at 9:00. No other game fish seen caught.
I’m happy to say no red tide for now. EDIT: of course I carefully released the hali 46C7E7C9-FE5D-47D8-83B1-6D470ECA7D28.jpeg
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