New Video Pacifica PIer

I have a few times. The last time was days before the storms wiped out capitola, aptos etc. This pier takes giant waves without getting shut down all the time. The design needs to be duplicated elsewhere.
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that was the first place I remembered fishing. My first catch was a lowly sand dab, mid pier off of some shrimp. That's also where i went back to fish again when I got back into pierfishing later on in life. Wish the pier held up better, but I have a lot of great memories of that place.
This pier has changed soooo much. From back when it was 24 hrs a day, pumping treated sewage that people at low tide thought was a whale (lol), hosting salmon scrums and having rusty hook at the entrance to the pier, to today being in disrepair, hosting snare crabbers, and having a cafe at the entrance. You can still get an occasional striper, salmon or perch or maybe even pretend to be White Croaker Commander and catch yourself some kingfish(!) but the glory days are in the past, sorry kids.