New video on the Crystal Pier in San Diego —

You know this pier, everything you said was accurate. Walleye surfperch can be plentiful too. It can get really windy and choppy on some days that make it not fishable. I think the ocean currents and the MPA being close by has to do with the yellowtail being pushed close to this pier.

Ken Jones

Staff member
Would love to have you put those comments on the video comments page. Just hit the Watch on YouTube and it will take you to the page.

I have fished that pier many, many times over the years, in fact it was my main pier during my late high school and college days. For me it is my number one pier for halibut, shovelnose guitarfish, and yellowfin croaker and though I think I forgot to mention it, walleye surfperch actually are the number one fish I've caught at the pier, about 50 more than the mackerel I've caught there.
I'm just seeing your youtube channel today and already thought so from your posts on here but you're like an older version of me(but more friendly) when it comes to how you think about fishing. I just watched your november 2021 video about the Imperial Beach pier and you pretty much said what I posted about the pier in my May 2022 post on this board. The female restaurant person also brought up the same BS reason about "safety" that the mayors' wife is claiming. I wonder if she is the mayor's wife.....