New video — What's In My Pier Cart.

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-This is great Ken, which is basically my feedback 100%. I considered doing something like this on You Tube myself (just to help beginners specifically with SF Bay Fishing), but since you are doing something, no need. Plus, having done video production for 20 years in the past, I know I am not good ”air talent.”
-Let me know if you do any segments in SF Bay. Actually, when you come to the SFBay next time, your camera probably has good enough quality or an iPhone.
-Lol, you are very well organized.

  • 5 gallon bucket = chair; source of getting sea water; misc junk collector
  • flow troll bucket (perhaps Fabril brand) clipped to side of “$20 granny cart) is a necessity for livebait halibut fishermen.
  • Yes, and hoop/crab net 32” fits over back of cart (but 39” does not if you get bigger sturgeon/shark/bat ray).
  • I always pull my “granny cart” backwards with the big wheels first. Pull instead of push. What happens when you push is that you can hit a slightly uneven surface and you topple over forward (it’s happened in the past as I have used this type of cart over 25 years). New school are those canvas style carts by Ozark, etc. that fold in the middle and look more like a wagon. Those are more like $60. The granny cart I spray paint over with paint periodically because the saltwater/air rusts it little by little.
  • I think a good model is: “Sportfishing with Dan Hernandez.” Your content is good, just make sure your teaching points are made clearly and make sure your energy level is good and emphasize certain points ( like 5 minutes this or 5 minutes that where you get in key points and don’t become repetitive).
  • A few cutaways or planned close ups would be good too. A keyed in logo and slate if you can get someone to design one (but not necessary).
  • Now I use a tackle bag in that cart (instead of the 1 tray traditional tacklebox that I carried for years). For me, it works better than the boxes that open on both sides because I am too clumsy for that and tackle will fall out everywhere as excited as I get sometimes. The small tackle bag holds 3 plastic trays you can pull out and some zipped pockets.
-Very good Ken. You should work on your introduction and specifically say what you are going to teach. And, your ending should be more certain like: “This is Ken Jones with another segment of Pierfishingincalifornia pier fishing tips.”

-I like the simplicity of the segment. I appreciate that music wasn‘t added to make it seem more interesting.

-Possibly, mention what pier you are on. Perhaps a few other segments where you label 🏷 it California halibut fishing, what to do, etc.
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Nice and relaxed and informative.


Introduction. Hello, My name is........................... We are at (city).
Non-reflective or no sunglasses.
Pier fishing "T" shirt.
Mention the "book".

"Be sure (don't forget) to subscribe. Click on bell for future notification. Click on like if you liked the video".

Maybe in future:
How to setup various rigs.

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Good Morning . Great video ,my cart is pretty much the same I made my rod holders out of pvc pipe then zip tied to cart . Your plastic tub is a treasure chest very nice. thanks


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Awesome video. This definitely covers a good majority of what most anglers would ever need.

With that set up I can see why you rarely skunk. :LOL: