New Video — Elephant Rock Pier


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The last time I was at that pier I was on my honeymoon, back in 1986 (no, Ken, I wasn't fishing 🤣). We were having dinner at the adjacent restaurant. We walked over and I recall a guy was catching crabs.
Thanks for jogging some memories and get well.
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Very informative as usual.

The ramp makes it possible or easier to take pier carts to the end of the pier.

Good to see the face of Skipper Jones without hat or sunglasses.

Jacket issue is a minus but is lesson for the next time.

Rich drove all the way up there? Thanks for the video.

Ken Jones

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Rich flew up to film the kid's derby at the Marin Rod & Gun Club. The next morning we visited the Elephant Rock Pier and the Fort Baker Pier (film in the works).