New shark fishing regs

Ken Jones

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I hate it when the legislature gets involved with fishery issues. Often the people are well intentioned but rarely are the bills well written and often they create more problems, not less.

It reminds me of the kerfuffle we had at Manhattan Beach when a hooked white shark supposedly bit a person. All sorts of new, draconian regulations were made for the pier by the city and we had a "summit" on the issues. Although the CDFW said they would reign in the city nothing really was ever done. See the photo — no chumming or even fish cleaning on the pier.—-redux/

Manhattan.B_2015_Signs1 copy.jpg


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it’s unlawful to, “Place any shark bait, shark lure, or shark chum into the water within one nautical mile of any shoreline, pier, or jetty when a white shark is either visible or known to be present.”

Hmmmm, so if a swimmer sees a large shark, immediately void his/her bowels, and to which the shark is attracted to, that would be deemed illegal by this regulation, OK!!!


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I went to several meetings of city, when the pier was closed due to shark incident.

The city has no right to enforce fishing regulation.

They also had that no multi hook rigs (bait/Sabiki) can be used, but it is not listed above.