New regulations.


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I saw this on another website and thought to share it here.

Here is a link to the new Groundfish regulations.

“Decouple regulations for California sheephead and ocean whitefish from those for federal groundfish • California sheephead season would be open March 1 – December 31 • Bag limit would be reduced from 5-fish to 2-fish • Ocean whitefish would be open year-round”

I don’t have the patience to read all63 pages, so I am not sure if the season applies to piers also. It did not apply before.

Perhaps skipper can find out from our contact at the Fish and Wildlife Department.
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It doesn't look to me like there is much change to angling from a pier with the exception that the limit on sheephead will now be two. But, I could be wrong.


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Just flipped through the document, it looks like California Sheephead will continue to be open year round from shore and piers.

A concern I had: The explicit goal is to allow nearshore groundfish stocks to recover by opening up deepwater shelf and offshore groundfish fisheries, but my gut tells me that would just result in those deepwater stocks getting hammered, and resulting in, a couple years down the line, 'switching' back to nearshore fisheries while deepwater stocks recover (which is what happened with the last round of groundfish regulations), rinse and repeat ad nauseam. Obviously they have to compromise to keep commercial and recreational fleets operating, but at the same time I feel like this isn't really a sustainable solution in the long run.

Ken Jones

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It appears that (a) sheephead may be taken from shore/pier year round whereas boat anglers have a closure on sheephead at the start of the year and (b) the limit is being changed to two with the same 12-inch minimum length.
Thank you. I will post the new regulation next time I am at the Mole in March.

I will be fishing the GPP tomorrow with my grandson.

Then trying a new (long cast) reel at the Mole in the rain on Saturday.

I will be away from my computer until Sunday night.

Happy New Year to all, and to a good night.