New Pier J piers in Long Beach

Ken Jones

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Last Sunday I drove to Long Beach in preparation to going to Catalina. My hope in coming a day early was to fish the new finger pier(s) on Pier J. Alas, the two piers were not open. Not sure why but in talking to anglers at the nearby shoreline piers a little later I was told they are going to open February 10th or 11th and it seemed quite a few anglers planned to fish those piers.

Pier J—the rocky area along the driveway has long been considered a good fishing area and I imagine the new piers will also offer good sport. There are two small piers. The first is just down from the Cruise line terminal, has restrooms, and a few parking spaces (hard to tell how many since they are not yet painted). Further down the roadway is a second small pier with, I think, 2-4 parking spaces and no restrooms. They cannot handle many anglers but I have a feeling they soon will be full of the same. By the way a nice area just to get some pictures of the harbor area.



The 1st pier. Limited parking spaces but restrooms.


The 2nd Pier


Shoreeline down from 2nd pier.

How To Get There — Take the Long Beach Freeway till you see the Pier J exit and then watch for the scenic drive exit which will take you along the water and piers.

Harbor Scenes:


Cruise Line Terminal







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Hi Ken.

Thanks for sharing. Hopefully parking won't be an issue. Any idea if these are going to be considered "public piers?"

What type of fish are expected here?