My customs Abu rounds and what I use them for.


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The 6600 (yellow) Brute, I built like a brute and simple. I use it when I need a heavier light reel where it may be dunked or exposed to salt water but cleaned after the trip. The spool has straight bushings. No cleaning salt water out of bearings. I slowed it down to 5.3:1, in case I need to horse something in. I included the triple stack carbon mesh drags. It has the old style metal centrifugal brake framework. The one bearing is due to the dual anti reverse. It has instant anti reverse and a back up old style “dog” type anti reverse. The power handle came with the reel.

I use the green 5600 c5 (c6) to cast and quickly retrieve 1oz jigs mid to surface. It has the stock Magtrax cast control on the left with the stock centrifugal on the crank side. The extra bearing (c6) is on the plastic level wind cog. The reel has been sped up to 6.3:1. Also included are the carbon mesh drags. It has the beefier chrome plated brass frame. The drag star and crank is also chrome plated brass. I mainly use this reel when the BIG bonito hit the piers. It’s amaizing how much force they can put into one of their attacks.

The red reel was built to throw shallow water plastics over 1oz into rocky areas. It’s basically a 5600 C3 built to turn fish. I use it with #80 braid. I added the power handle and and 6.3:1 gears for leverag and speed. It has carbon mesh drags like the other reels. I call it the sculpin reel.

The blue n yellow odd side reel is a C3 (5600) I made to throw large spoons. It’s pretty basic with 5.3:1 gears, perfect for spoons. It has the carbon mesh drags with the old style metal centrifugal framework. I match it to a parabolic Truline rod.

Now don’t think I don’t like 6500s, 5500s, or 4500s. I have a few for live bait fishing. I’m also planning on building a hybrid 5500 winch, once I get all the parts.



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i've used most of these kinds of reels.

i currently use the chinese 5500 for bay plugging and a blue 6600 for surf plugging. i find that the I accidentally press the thumb bail of the 5600's and 6600's too often so I prefer the older side button of the 5500/6500

i have an old swedish 4600 that's on my bay perch grubbing rod, its pretty good. i could even use that for stripers


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It seems these reels aren’t as popular here on the west coast as they are in the east but I do enjoy using them, oldie but goodie.

I also have Chinese 6500 that I use in certain situations with live bait. Had to go through the mechanics and button down the screws to make sure nothing goes haywire in there. I do like the reels with the side button when casting out chunks of bait. I learned to use conventional and baitcasting reels before instant anti reverse so I tend to thumb the spool without thinking about it.

I have a 4600 paired with a Lamiglas rod for the exact same purpose.