More information about Cabrillo Mole closure to fishing.


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The Harbor Master was not in today, so I talked to the telephone operator/secretary who works there during the days.

According to her:

The channel/ocean side of the Mole is closed to fishing for repairs.

The Catalina Express still docks at landing #1 and #3. The Harbor side was always been closed to fishing.

She did not know about the duration of the construction, but she said there are two phases to this project.

This is phase one. For phase two, the buildings will be removed and rebuilt.

There may be a gap between the two phases, but she was not sure.

The pier in Hamilton Cove is private.

The big terminal project for cruise ships has not been discussed in a long time.

The float in front of the Green Pleasure Pier will be there until October. The ropes fastening it to the pier are hazard to fishing.

I will try to get some more accurate answers by talking to the Harbor Master.

As a retired General Contractor, I know two facts. The time for construction is always longer and the cost is always higher than the initial estimates. This also is a government project.

I guess for me it is kayak fishing at Avalon. Might as well, the kayak is getting a cobweb on it.
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