Monterrey Coast Guard Pier

SC McCarty

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I looked at Ken's article on the Monterrey Coast Guard Pier. It looks like some very nice fish can be taken there, but I wonder about problems due to the fence.
  • How do you bring up a large fish? Handlining would probably drag it against the wall.
  • How do you safely return short fish?


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I've tried fishing there a few times. The beach there is where all the divers launch from, so you will constantly have to be avoiding them. This spot is easy access, so it is very over fished. I've never got a bite there. Not a spot I would fish again unless it was closed for a while then I might try it the day it opens up.

Ken Jones

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The pier gets tremendous pressure but also yields a LOT of fish. But, the fence has indeed created problems as far as bringing in larger fish. The best approach I've seen is an angler who comes from San Jose to fish the pier. He (1) has a short kitchen ladder that he uses if he's hooked a big fish (which lets him reach over the fence) and (2) he's rigged up a very long-handled net. He's landed some pretty impressive fish with that combo including ling cods. But, a really big fish might require climbing over the fence—which of course is prohibited. A really sturdy telescope net MIGHT work but the ones I seen have a tendency to break.


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few years ago when the water was very clear, I saw a huge white seabags or yellowtail follow my kastmaster from that pier. Sea lions too.