Mole July 5-7 on Catalina Island

I hope to take some pictures with go pro, maybe see that giant black sea bass again

Ill be on the pier Most of those days, Just fishing.
So if anyone goes, See you there!

Have a Happy 4th! And a Great Weekend!!
Well after arriving friday morning, started fishing around 9am, caught a few small fishes, calicos, senoritra the usual suspects, the win picked up very fast, about 30mph winds from the south. water was calm and semi flat, but lots of boat traffic im sure was the cause no big fishes were around.

About 6 pm caught
one bonita, a big one, used it for bait, didnt catch much after that, moved to the green pier, about 10pm right after the quake, the pier was rocking east and west hard, i thought it was a boat but couldnt see anything, then right after that happen we started catching lobster on our hooks, total we caught about 4 small ones, nobody kept them, i caught one entangled in kelp, others right next to the docking ramps on squid.
lots of white fish were caught they love bonita, but no big calicos. left about 11:30pm there were about 3 other fisherman, mostly kids. ive helped then rig up since they were losing rig on the mooring lines.

saturday started about 8am, there were lots of asian guys throwing out jig for bonitas, there were there early in the north corner of the mole, they didnt catch anything, i saw a few opaleye being caught maybe a halfmoon, one small sheephead, again lots of boats in the water. i mean LOTS ill upload pictures of the boats later, but no picture of fishes, as there were to small, nothing to write home about, the sun came out about 10am, beating down til about 7pm.

sunday didnt do much fishing had breakfast about 9 am, went to green pier saw few people fishing with the hand lines, of course newbies fishing, some with shrimp, and some with peas.they were catching calicos, and sargos, wrasses, senoritas, didnt see any garibaldi. a few almost legal calicos. saw an old man taking some short one, i warned him of taking short ones, he just snubbed me. its likely a local guy.

that was it, not very productive. i did see a few boat bringing in a few small yellowtail. a charter boat went out said they had a small halibut, but didnt bring anything in.

i guess, its not time yet.

but a few more weeks.

Mahigeer - did not see any fireworks i came on friday in the morning, and its was cloudy couldnt see the mainland from catalina at all on any days.
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