Minnow Traps from shore in saltwater

After years of debating whether my minnow trap is allowed in the salt I've decided I'm going to start using mine. NOT to catch Crustaceans, mainly as entertainment to see what it catches. I'm a catch and release guy . In particular I'm referring to the conical type with a small opening at both ends and that splits in half at the middle. I checked the fish and game code and it provides no further clarification over Section 28.75 of the Ocean regs that talks about "baited traps." It's weird how sections 28.75, 28.80 and 28.85 are really specific about the type of fish that can be taken. If anyone from fish and wildlife sees this, I think some more clarification is needed. I know they browse forums like this when they are doing research.
28.75 says they are allowed "in the open ocean and the contiguous bays of Mendocino, Sonoma and Marin counties," This is ambiguous. Do they mean the open ocean contiguous to the bays in these 3 counties, or do they mean the open ocean throughout the state AND the 3 bays contiguous to these 3 counties...


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Just saw this. I've got four of these traps but neet to toss them out soon. Read the post on spiny lobsters and figured I might dust off my traps and go for the Eastern Idaho version.