Micro Bones Up and Down LA/OC coast - Balboa

Last couple weeks have seen lots of bait and dolphin and a lot of migrating micro Bonito. They move in fast and don't stick around, so no big bites, but a steady pick if you put in the time. I have been limiting out in 3-5 hrs and in translation, 5 on deck & lost 5-10 and dozens of unhooked strikes. 95% of my bites on surface feather so hooksets are tough on these low-mass minnies. Very few strikes for me on mac-sabiki, Kroc or jigpara (lots of passes though). For others I've observed small jigs getting most

A few in 2lb range I've seen passing feathers and spot boiling bait. I have found smelt, anchovy, sardine and even back half of a micro mac in the Bonito stomachs.

Bones are small, but tasty, size range attached in my sink =) attached

Macs come and go and are mostly tiny, though a couple weeks ago they were thick with tiny, med and LARGE macs.