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Ken Jones

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Given that we have the message board is there any reason we should add a PFIC Facebook or Instagram page? Pros - Cons?
1. Use of "hashtags" that can attract the attention of more anglers
2. Greater accessibility to younger audiences
3. Ease of posting images and video
4. Members able to contact each other through the app
5. Polls can be held using the "stories" function
6. "Like" system
7. Option for privacy
1. Spamming of irrelevant content by "bots"
2. General immaturity of individuals online
3. Overexposure
4. Anonymity
5. Demand for new content
6. Difficulty of moderation

1. Greater accessibility to audiences of all ages
2. "Like" system
3. Polling is made easy
4. Events can be easily planned
5. Members able to contact each other
6. Exclusivity - allows better regulation of member activity and content relevance
1. Lack of use by younger audiences
2. General immaturity of individuals online
3. Overexposure
4. Exclusivity - new members put off by existence of exclusive group and group atmosphere
5. Difficulty of moderation

The greater number of pros does not necessarily mean that they outweigh the cons.

Personally I would like to see an Instagram account managed by staff members. Member participation would be facilitated by the "tagging" feature on the posts of individual members, so that the account manager could repost angler reports at their own discretion. Additionally, many anglers in Southern California rely more on Instagram and Facebook. By having an Instagram or Facebook page, PFIC could gain more interest in this area of the state.
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Ken Jones

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Good pros and cons. Thanks.

PS., I know some pier bait shops have their own Facebook and/or Instagram pages. Perhaps we should put a link to them?
There seems to be more participation in Facebook fishing groups than online fishing forums lately. It probably depends on what the goal is. If the goal is to share info with a larger audience, then Yes.

Excellent breakdown by EgoNonBaptizo btw!