McNears Beach Pier 9/20 [slow and lots of seaweed]

Arrived 2 hours before high tide and fished til about an hour+ into the outgoing. Saw 2 bat rays caught at the end. 1 striper caught right at high tide on the south side. Looked just a little short of legal, but the guy who caught it didn't bother measuring it before he took it straight to the cleaning station and gutted it. :/

My kids caught some anchovies and sardines on sabikis tipped with pile worms, and one managed to get a bite from a small striper (looked to be about 10" when it surfaced) before it snapped the hook off after a little bit of a fight. Probably just a bunch of small ones in the area because I kept finding the anchovies I was using on a hi-lo all bitten off at the gills after the rod tip dipped.

I recall the previous time I tried to take my kids fishing, it also happened to be in September last year, and it was also seaweed salad for days. Is it the lack of rain that's keeping the seaweed thick in the bay? Great weather though and glad to see the pier is still super clean and maintained.

Ken Jones

Staff member
If you want to see the kids catch some fish, although mainly small ones, take them to the Elephant Rock Pier, use a high/low with size 6 hooks and a light sinker, either fish down by the rock under the pier or cast out and slowly retrieve. You're almost guaranteed fish of one type or another—small rockfish, perch, jacksmelt, etc.