McNears Beach and Park Pier fishing report

Ken Jones

Staff member
I hadn’t visited the pier at McNears Beach and Park for several years so decided to make a short visit to take some updated pictures for the site. To be honest I didn’t expect much in the way of fish and I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, I didn’t even get a bite.

August 12 — 3:40-4:55 PM — Bait used was mainly ghost shrimp and squid although I used pile worms on a few casts.
0 Fish

When I arrived there were about a half dozen anglers at the end of the pier and a like number lining the main walkway leading out to the T-shaped end. I didn’t see any fish although one angler said a few bat rays had been taken during the day.

I rigged up my heavier gear with a sliding sinker rig and needed a four-ounce sinker since the water was ripping (pretty strong minus tide that day). I tried a variety of baits but none produced a fish and while I was there only saw two other fish, a small bat ray and a soupfin shark.

I didn’t stay too long. I had gotten sunburned the previous day and it was now hot and sunny. I applied sun tan lotion but the damage was done. After talking to the locals about how the fishing had been (they said slow), and after taking my pictures, I headed back to my motel room for a shower before having dinner. I was tired.

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