Martinez Pier is Open

Red Fish

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Martinez Pier has been open for a few months. I was there last week. The repairs are not recognizable, the right side is closed, and the left side is missing part of the upper rail on the left end. Not really safe for small kids currently.
A couple pictures below. BTW- a recent responsed entry in your blog on Martinez prompted this post. Ken, the picture of Martin Stinkyfingers in the blog is from Alviso Slough (not Martinez). Actually my “Mel don’t sell that Squidder post was as sturgeon caught from Martinez! 88CAD12E-1F66-400E-9DBF-EE7266540AC6.jpeg 731AD7AB-CB0A-4DDF-BF87-DAFC5CB1581B.jpeg DC01B97C-6960-452E-B7A5-1B3D4F0BB2DE.jpeg 70B15242-F2B4-44BD-992F-C5354237E1D4.jpeg 6D9532F5-71F7-4212-ACB1-15CF3D557D72.jpeg


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