Martinez Pier Currently Closed (Updated)

Martinez Pier Currently Closed
The Fishing Pier closure updates will be discussed at the upcoming Parks, Recreation, Marina and Cultural Commission meeting on Tuesday, September 7th at 7:00 pm

Edit: The City will work to make some repairs to existing stringers between piles to keep a portion (Highlighted in Green) of the pier open and accessible. Closing off the sections which need significant repair (Highlighted in Red). Further required work and proposed upgrades will be contingent upon funds of the Prop 68 Grant (which has not been as of now) to be awarded. No proposed date given for the temporary repairs to be completed as of now. The pier remains currently closed.

Next Regular Meeting: Tuesday, September 21, 2021 7:00 p.m.
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Meeting ID: 976 2179 5301
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MARTINEZ FISHING PIER CLOSURE UPDATE In December 2019, the City of Martinez began working with specialized marine engineering firm COWI North America (“COWI”) to complete a comprehensive condition assessment of the Martinez Fishing Pier. This special study was designed to provide staff with an informed list of specific recommendations needed to address safety issues and help prioritize the infrastructure improvements needed at the pier. In February 2020, staff from COWI conducted an above water assessment of the pier, followed by a below water dive inspection in October 2020. Both inspections revealed areas of deterioration, with several structural system areas deemed to be in "serious" condition and others in "severe" condition. The overall number of piles requiring repairs increased from 21 to 28 following the dive inspection. The City Council indicated its desire to continue to leave the pier open for public use but directed staff to post warning signage in multiple languages along the pier to inform the public of the risk. The Council also recommended interim inspections of the pier’s condition until the pier had been renovated or repaired through Prop 68 State grant funding or other means. These interim inspections commenced on Friday, September 10th . Unfortunately, during this inspection, COWI noted damage to the pier had worsened and recommended the pier close immediately for the safety of the public. Among the primary concerns were several missing pile caps that were previously noted as damaged but still in place at that time of the first inspection. With these pile caps now completely gone, some sections of the pier have stringers and decking spanning over greater distances without any underlying support, necessitating the emergency pier closure. On September 14, 2021, COWI’s Senior Marine Engineer Jim Kearney provided the Council and public with an update on the emergency closure of the fishing pier and highlighted the areas of the most severe degradation and concern. Mr. Kearney also indicated areas where temporary repairs might be installed to provide some limited access to the public on the pier prior to the completion of any longer-term renovation repair work. It was also explained that COWI would need to conduct an additional inspection at the pier to take the specific measurements necessary to draft a set of plans for the temporary repairs, with the priority being the restoration of access to the west reach of the pier and the Department of Water Resources (DWR) station. At the September 14th City Council meeting, Council directed staff to pursue options for the temporary repairs and continue working with COWI to develop the necessary designs. COWI is under contract with the City to perform the additional inspection (scheduled for the week of September 20th) and complete the design work needed to identify the temporary structural repairs, which would allow the City safely reopen portions of the pier. Mr. Kearney will attend the next PRMCC meeting at 7pm on Tuesday, September 21stto provide an overview to the Commission and members of the public. This notice will be updated with a link to the PRMCC meeting agenda once available.

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