Marlin at Fort Bragg?

Ken Jones

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A Growing Dictionary of Old and New Words From the Fringes of English

potpourri fishing n. a type of fishing which offers a variety of (in-season) species or in which more than one method can be used.

English. Sports.

1997 John Adams Press Democrat (Santa Rosa, Calif.) (Sept. 11) “Cruising Exotic Species Caught Off Pacific Waters” p. C7: At Fort Bragg, Martin Scribner at the North Coast Angler says marlin have been hooked and lost. Bottom fishing is great on non-windy days. The albacore bite is picking up again after three windy days. And a commercial boat took 45 salmon Tuesday trolling deep. Is this potpourri fishing or what? 2004 Ned Kehde Topeka Capital-Journal (Kan.) (May 2) “April anglers enjoy potpourri fishing”: Potpourri time is a colloquialism for the great and enchanting spell when anglers can tangle with vast numbers of fish and a variety of species by plying the many miles of rock-laden shorelines that grace Coffey, Melvern and Milford lakes. 2004 Ken Jones @ Crescent City, Calif. Owner com “Pier Fishing in California”: One night I visited the pier for a little potpourri fishing and was startled to see crab pots tied every 7-10 feet around the entire end of the pier.
Posted 16 May 2004

Obviously a warm-water El Nino year.