Marin Rod & Gun Kids’ Derby/August 10th

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MR&GC Kids’ Derby

  • Just thought I’d give a heads up on this one!
I have been volunteering for about 7 years now and I have always had an enjoyable time.
  • As a volunteer with UPSAC/PFIC piggybacking on this MRGC sponsored event: 1. We offer additional kids’ rods 2. We fly our UPSAC banner 3. Ken hands out certificates to children 4. Rods are set up and distributed 5. Some bait is handed out 6. Some assistance is given to youth in angling tactics 7. Some will serve as judges and then, 8. you get to fish after lunch! You do need a California fishing license to fish the pier in that it is private.

  • If you have kids under 16 I highly recommend you come and enjoy this spectacular, private pier!
  • If you want to volunteer and meet Ken Jones (the Skipper/book writer) I immensely recommend that you do!

Saturday, August 10th, 2019. Around 8am if you wish to volunteer.
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Ken Jones

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This coming Saturday is the big day. We need more volunteers and could use (1) additional loaner rods for the day if you are willing to let strangers use them and (2) we need some 2-ounce sinkers if you have any extra. The derby is 10-2 but as Robert says we try to meet up around 8 a.m. to get the gear and bait in order.