Marin Rod & Gun Club Pier fishing report —

Ken Jones

Staff member
Following the Kids Derby at the Marin Rod & Gun Club last Saturday, Robert (Redfish), Alex Poon and his girlfriend, and your truly went fishing for a few hours.

Date: August 11 — 4-7 PM — (Bait used: ghost shrimp, squid and (a little) left over mackerel).
2 Leopard Shark
1 Jacksmelt

I was using a high/low rigging while Robert was using two rods, one with a Carolina-type rig and one with a high/low on the top for jacksmelt. Alex was using a high/low near the top for jacksmelt.

Here's the larger of the two leopard sharks I caught. At 33 inches in length, it was much smaller than the fish David caught during the derby and had fewer spots than the older fish. It hit on a piece of mackerel. Overall the fishing was slow with most of the fish being caught being jacksmelt although I'm not sure what Robert caught after I left. IMG_Leopard.shark_2018_MRG.Club.jpg
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