Marin Rod & Gun Club Kids' Day at the Pier Aug 28

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93AF41BE-2D3B-4732-AAF5-E1C6C4426C00.jpeg View attachment 2274 View attachment 2274 Message is in the title line: Kids' fishing event is at Marin Rod & Gun Club Saturday in August, August 28, 2021! I just called over there and they referred me to their website.

MR&GC: 2675 Francisco Blvd. E, San Rafael, CA 94901 (across from San Quentin) 10:30-11:30. I will be there with bells on! Wild bluefin tuna couldn't keep me away from there! Come join the fun and meet Skipper Jones, author of PFIC, fisher of California!

I will be there along with Ken Jones to set up rods, issue rods, tie lines, and cut bait for the kiddies (catch advice will be gladly given).

Note: They must have updated their old calendar since I looked at it and posted. The event has never (in the 8 years I’ve worked on it) been that late in August, started that late, or been only 2 hours.
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Ken, an update on the MRGC event.
1. I wanted to bump/remind people
2. I need to know if there are any restrictions on the invitations?
I told a couple guys that have kids/nephews at Ferry Point about the event and they may show up.
Rick Rameriz (John Mary’s Godfather) 3
Daniel and his nephew. 1
Volunteer to help out. 1
Maz and his son Rawston 2

Let me know if you need more information (like last names or something) because you mentioned something about a list this year, some new club members in positions of leadership, and the discussion of less of a public event (although currently I see no ”members and their kids only” on the event calendar for MRGC.)
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