Manhattan Beach Pier 5/23/2023


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This is from Tuesday this week joining Ken and Hashem at Manhattan Beach Pier. We were to meet at Hermosa Pier only to find the end of the pier was closed to construction so we moved to Manhattan. Overcast day with occasional drizzles made the piers pretty void of anglers. We fished midday 12 - 3pm. Tide was slack and low. At the end of the pier, I fished with shrimp on hi-lo with #6 hooks. But only nibbles and no takers. Ken gave me his topsmelt as a live bait so I made a halibut rig with it and fished with a sabiki with tiny hooks (JDM mame-aji sabiki - juvenile spanish mackerel sabiki). I found out that those nibblers were smelts, sanddab, and shiner perch. I changed the live bait to a little lizard fish Hashem gave me. But no takers on those livebaits. It was one of those slow fishing day but talking with Ken and Hashem made the day pretty special and fun.
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