Malibu Pier - 12/4

Hello everyone,

It's been nearly a year since I've last posted on here. However, I have been lurking the boards as usual - just haven't got around to much pier fishing lately.

I've been working full time, on top of school as a full time student, and got married in May. So this year has been quite full to say the least.

Been doing a lot of offshore charter fishing during the rockfish, yellowtail, and tuna bite down in Orange County.

I highly recommend Long Beach Sportfishing - they are great folks and do not have the tourist/commercial atmosphere at the dock or on any of their boats.

Got to hit up Malibu Pier on Saturday evening, fishing from about 4 pm to 730 pm.

Fishing yielded lots of bait fish, perch, and I did get to mess with a Horn Shark. Picture attached.

With things slowing down - I am hoping to get some more pier time down in the OC and up in LA.

Note: there was some non - fishing drama at the Malibu Pier when a driver somehow lurched his vehicle from his handicap parking space, down the rock face, and onto the beach. Luckily no one was seriously injured and there were plenty of authorities/EMS on site within minutes. I am not sure the entire story, but I am glad that nobody was injured or killed in what was a very dangerous looking accident.

Anyways, cheers and hopefully I'll be getting out on the pier more often.



Horn Shark.jpg

Ken Jones

Staff member
Great to see you're back fishing and thanks for the report. I need to get back to Malibu to visit the pier and Ginny at Wylie's Bait and Tackle (my favorite store).