M Street Dock 8/14 and Huntington Pier 8/15


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Went to the M street dock on Wednesday at 3 pm and fished the incoming tide. I was hoping to catch some mackerel, but all I caught were topsmelt and some short calico bass using the smelt as live bait. A sub-legal barracuda was caught by someone fishing a jerkbait. Other than that, fishing was fairly slow, with only a couple people catching short bass.

Went to Huntington Pier on Thursday at 7 am and, again, fished the incoming tide. Due to the large swells, I fished past the bait shop. There was a lot of bait in the water, mostly topsmelt and juvenile jacksmelt. I caught quite a few, along with a couple queenfish, using a sabiki. No bites on live bait. The rest of the pier was similarly slow, with most people catching nothing. I did see the shark fishermen at the end catch a decent sized butterfly ray. On the way back down the pier I saw a good sized corbina in the surf, but I forgot my license and couldn't go down to catch it.