Lucky Craft Flash Minnow options

SC McCarty

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Some people are having success using Lucky Craft Flash Minnows to fish for halibut in the surf. I am interested in trying it, but I dislike treble hooks, and these have three. I am concerned about what they do to fish that will be released. Is there an alternative to treble hooks that will not throw off the action of the lure?



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I bought way too many of these lures but I do not use them often as I am deterred by the 3 treble hooks. (I cringe over the thought of a hook stuck to my finger or anywhere else.)

Replace the treble hooks with inline single hooks. Size #1 or #2 will work. Single Replacement Hooks – X-strong – Owner Hooks

The thought of buying these lures then having to buy additional hardware is why I also have not put effort on these.
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