Lucky Craft CIF Flash Minnow 110 Super Glow Sardine $13.58


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I would love to raid your stockpile haha. On that note, would you happen to have any Flashminnow 120dd? I can't find them anywhere. View attachment 3704
It was my early days when I wanted to explore surf fishing and the Lucky Craft 110 was the to-go lure. I had stockpiled a good amount with various colors.

I need to spend more time using them to gain more confidence. I used them a few times but I hit sand too early so I have not used them as often. I think they require a bit of wading to use them properly.

I don't have the LC 120DD as the beaches I fish don't get that deep and I have not been hitting jetties. I recommend Duo lures if you are looking for a deep diving lure.