"Love and fishing. Sooner or later it all comes down to the same thing. The one that got away."

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I still love this old thread but it's sad to see how many of the PFIC members are now gone. Some simply moved on but some of the best passed away. Sad.

Fishing: Love, wives, women anglers, cute Italian girls, etc. — From the archives of Pier Fishing In California "Love and fishing. Sooner or later it all comes down to the same thing. The one that got away." — Max DeBryn
—Sometimes but not always...

Date: August 5, 2001
To: PFIC Message Board
From: Red Fish
Subject: Berkeley Pier

Fish Catch: 1 under-sized halibut about 17” for me and 1 undersized halibut for my fishing partner Gerald.
Baits: bullheads, shiner perch and frozen anchovies, small smelt.
Note: Plenty of baitfish available
Fished and relaxed: about 1-7 P
O.K.—some story-telling.
Berkeley always offers more than fishing if you keep your eyes and ears open on the weekend. First of all, the weather could not be beaten; it was impeccable.
Fished at the end, probably because a regular (Benny) who was not fishing at the time met us at the parking lot and accused us of being too lazy to walk to the end (even though he knows we have great success fishing at the first cleaning sink).
Midway down the pier, I saw my (friend) Ai Yee (you know, the one Kim always claims speaks no English). Funny how he told me he caught (7) smelt, someone else caught a keeper halibut, asked me what I caught and told me he was coming back on Monday to fish and I don't speak a lick of Mandarin.
O.K.—a couple more amusing things that happened out there that I might mention to my friend Glen off the site, but here's one pleasant occurrence that I'd like to mention.
Well, I'm at the end, and at the end especially on weekends people like to pause and take a break after walking to the end.
So, there's this one young lady with a group of friends that starts throwing bread to the seagulls right between our lines. I told her, “Could you please not throw bread near the lines because the seagulls could get caught in our lines.” She says. “Sorry,” and throws bread over the back end of the pier. Then she walks over to my right side away from her group of friends to feed some other gulls. Just as she does an elderly gentleman that everyone knows (walks on the pier everyday) walks up. We both start talking to her (the older guy likes to joke with the young women). I offer to help her feed the seagulls with the bread she has. She (Theresa) introduced herself to both of us and told me she was from small town in Italy and a chemistry major at Berkeley. About seven minutes later in our conversation she told me verbally, and gesturing with her head and shoulders, her boyfriend was standing in the small group of friends nearby and that he was from the same small town in Italy. Did I mention she was attractive? Anyway, after we joked with her a few seconds longer she said she would bring one of her single friends with her next weekend if she comes back, ha, ha!
I just wanted to mention the above things because today they seemed to supersede (in entertainment value) the fishing. To me (personally), the events seemed a lot more interesting than reporting something like, “caught two halibut, used shiners as bait.”

Posted by gyozadude
Allora, si - parliamo Italiano!
Buon giorno Red: Nice post. I always love the human aspect of fishing. It's nice to just sit back and chat while fishing, especially if you have the chance to speak with a cute Italian gal. You said Berkeley student, eh? Did you find out if she was in the College of Engineering or Letters and Science?
Allora..., did you get her email address? Given a choice between catching a keep halibut versus the email address, would that have been a better catch? You should have offered to provide her with your rod, uh hum, -A- rod, a fishing rod, that is, with the invite to come back and fish whenever.

If you fail next time, we will “rompere le palle!”

Ciao—Gyozadude, “Yes — I can roll my own potsticker skins”

Posted by SteveO
Good For Us Single Guys...Nice Report
The only problem is there is going to be a bunch of dudes at the end of the pier smelling like squid and aftershave. All of which will be holding bags of breadcrumbs. LOL
“all is one under the sun and moon” Steve-O

Posted by Songslinger
Prendere il pesce!
Seems like forever since I've fished Berkeley Pier during the day. I'll fish into the first part of the halibut season and then beg off until the halibut are gone and there are less anglers to clutter up lines. (To be fair, it is a good news/bad news scenario: more anglers mean more fish because all those lines in the water act like chum.) Fall and winter are great seasons for solitude and aesthetic glory. The regular pier rats then are the true denizens of this pier. And there is still a lot of fish around.
But not a lot of pretty women. Or maybe there are—who can tell? When the freezing mist seals off the pier in one thick mass of cold, opaque gray, everyone looks the same, bundled up and faceless like a dream of purgatory.
And that’s what I like about Berkeley Pier. It never goes anywhere but everything around it is constantly moving. You can be alone or be part of a group, it’s all good. You can meet people from all over the world. And some of them are absolutely beautiful.
Redfish: how come you're such a babe magnet? All I Want Is A Fair Fight

Date: July 27, 2004
To: PFIC Message Board
From: Ken Jones
Subject: PFIC & marriage....
Let's see now, recently we've seen Mel hitch up, Ben and Mr. Stinkyfinger himself (oops, predator) do the same, and now Nufo. Is there something causing this? Is it subtle rays emanating from the PFIC screen? Is it similar to lure-envy when one angler sees a new lure and has to have one for himself? Something must be causing this and we need to pinpoint the cause before it becomes an epidemic. Or is that good?

Posted by gyozadude
Quality spouses too! Note that in each case, it seems that pier rats are hitching up with some very fine ladies. Maybe pier rats got some extra MoJo or something that's just attracting the right ladies. Maybe it's a combination of skills that make for great anglers that also apply in finding a spouse - like being specific in targeting, knowing where to look, persistence, timing, patience, and catch-n-release. After all, if you love something and set it free, if it comes back to you... well, we all know the saying.

Posted by skipper
Remember that we are fishermen going fishing for good fish and fine ladies.

Posted by mel
It's all about the bait and presentation. ; )

Posted by oldmanandthesea
Dear Mrs. Jones your man is in heat.

Posted by Sinker
Lure-envy Muhahahahahah

Posted by eelmaster
Last night I came home... to the news that my old lady bought a wedding dress. I guess after 8 years of living together, buying a home together, and having a daughter together means that we have to finally pick a date. I guess we have been doing thing backwards. Hehe
Monte, Suport the UPSAC, Go A's!!!

Date: November 30, 2004
To: PFIC Message Board
From: sportguy33
Subject: Plugging Pacifica??????
Any Pier Rats willing to share their experience plugging the shores of Pacifica? Three females have challenged me and the battlefield will be in the Pacifica Area. Not knowing anything about plugging there I was hoping my fellow Pier Fisherman could come to my aide and fill me in on what type of gear and tackle to start collecting. The challenge is in May Sometime.

Posted by fishnchips
Good luck to you. My advice... go scout the area and observe others out there. May is a ways off; you should be able to familiarize yourself with the area pretty well by then. I say go wet a line, and you'll be ready for them in May! Three females huh? So what's the prize? wink wink I could think of a few good ideas for the winner if it were you.... I know, sorry dirty mind!...... that's why they call it fishin' not catchin'........ good ol' fishnchips!

Posted by dompfa ben
No hard feelings all around, ladies and fellas—
Scene IV: A Middle School Classroom
Dompfa Ben approaches the podium, adjusts his tie, and begins solemnly
Ben: Somewhere between the limited connotative power of message board posts, and the disdainful treatment endured by women (and others) in the history of our species, there is a little wiggle room for good-natured humor, offered benevolently in the spirit of tolerance and respect. (smiling) At least I'd like to think so.
In other words, if my previous post was somehow convoluted and misconstrued to be in any way anti-woman, anti-man, or anti-child then please accept my most abject apologies. That was certainly not my intention, and I think most people read that.
Fact is, there are plenty of women and children that could out fish me or a lot of other people, any day of the week and twice on Sunday, without any “beginner's luck.” I think that is your argument, hooked—that women do not need any Murphy’s Law to fish better than the indomitable DOMPFA Ben, truck bed overflowing with tuna. I'm not sure how that’s a male-bashing, cover your asphalt issue, but like I said previously, read it how you will.
If you’d like to look at it another way, substitute “Newbie” for “women” and “children.” That's the message. That's the joke. Of course, if you have to explain it... and besides, now I'm newbie bashing. Damn, you can’t win for losing these days. (Insert gratuitous chuckles here).
I'd better close, lest, I rant. Enemies? Not on your life, fellow-angler. We're all on the same path in my book. I don't care what kind of wedding tackle you're carrying...just fishing tackle. Thanks for your time.
Exeunt. Curtain

Posted by kcilp
AMEN Ben, the wife always beats me when I fish with her

Posted by snotrocket
Go buy fish at the market and say you caught them.