Loud Inappropriateness Music On Piers

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Has anyone experienced a great day on the pier interrupted by another "fisherman" playing loud music with very vulgar and publicly inappropriate language? I've experienced this at the following piers: Oceanside, San Clemente and Belmont. What can be done? I generally move or call it quits for the day. Public morality disappearing. Sad.


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Yes. One time on San Clemente pier. I was getting ready to leave, so I did nothing about it.

Once on the Mole I asked a guy to turn it down. His response…."this is a public pier" I agreed and said I did not have to listen to his music. I thanked him later when the music stopped. He said his battery died and that he was going to increase the volume. Well, I would have called the sheriff on him, if he had.

I am getting to a point that pier fishing is becoming less attractive. For many reasons including loud obscene music.


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Another time I was fishing at GPP in Avalon, Catalina. A bunch of local teenagers showed up. They put on a very loud and raunchy music. I was surprised that the Harbor Patrol staff who were in the office right above the pier did not do anything. They eventually left, but before leaving, I made them put back the relocated benches.

I figured since they are local, my stopping them one time is not going to make any difference.

However, I am to a point that I will no longer put up with it.

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-One of the keys is to be on a pier long enough to put enough space between you and them. Berkeley Pier, for example was such a pier.
-I remember once (in my 50 years of fishing) I played a boom box on BP, but it was long enough where I had my own little section of pier. I was in my 20’s (and I had been a college radio DJ and a mobile DJ for about 20 years). No vulgar music but if it is not your first choice....
- I.E.- I fished with ole buddy StripedSideChaser and he would play ole school rock on his portable “Zune” 10 years ago. Not my first choice... but it didn’t disturb my fishing and I recognized a few of the tunes...
-Most of the time when I fished when I was in my late 20’s, I fished after my 2-10 p shift and the only company I had were the raccoons at Martinez Pier. I remember I had one of those transistor radios (the size of your hand) even in the age of technology and I might listen to a radio station just to break the silence of the night. But those things don’t put out any volume (which is good) because I was always aware of any sound from my pole or some random person walking onto the pier.
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I was young once but I had the sense not to annoy other people, with raunchy music, that had to share the same space as me.

Other music doesn’t bother me at all.

I remember tweakers used to listen to those old non standard radio bands on non standard radio stations that use to sound like a constant repeating electric guitar. Now THAT use to annoy me.
This is unfortunate. One of the reasons I no longer fish the pier in m hometown of Monterey is due to the rif raff down there,every day,drinking,smoking weed,profanity,loud music,and I suppose the main reason is fishing hasn't been very good. I usually can find comradery though and when the mackerel are running I usually try and go where the families are so I can give them my fish. I do want to get my girlfriend into a hot mackerel bite. That all being said if I had my nieces with me I would have no problem telling someone to turn that crap,whoops rap off lol.
I actually sometime play my music loud usually just because it doesnt seem loud to me. Never had anybody complain about it. I even had fellow fishers tell me to turn it up sometimes. But then agian most of my music are oldies

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The civility ended long ago and while some are offended by loud, raunchy music (usually hip hop) others are offended by jazz and other music. Not much you can do about it on a public pier except asking if they would mind tunring it down (some will and some will not).

Perhaps carrying a pair of ear plugs should be part of pier gear?
If there are families around and someone is blasting profane rap music ,at least at my local pier,a quick call to the cops might result in said music being turned off.