Lots of free time? Pier Fishing In California

Brock Norris

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Ken i have your book the original bought from you many years ago at the fred hall show long beach didn't really appreciate it at the time was still doing a lot of boat fishing now I've come back to my roots and fish the piers beaches more and really enjoy your book thanks

SC McCarty

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Which edition do you have? I bought the first edition, back in the early 90's, and enjoyed it thoroughly. I later learned there was a second edition, and finally found it at a local library. The first edition was concise and informative. The second (blue) is greatly expanded: more general information, more piers, and more information about each pier.


Ken Jones

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On a purely economic note, the book sales help to keep this site alive. It costs money to maintain a website, even a website that is free to its users. For much of PFIC's history, Rich and I absorbed the costs but being retired means less money.