long range trip on F/V fiesta in Morro Bay 12/30/2018

My son, a couple friends, and I went out for an end of the season B-day fishing trip. There was about an 8 foot swell a ripping current and wind, lots of wind,,, The first coupl'a drops produced-NOT MUCH! But as the captain got his bearings as to the conditions and put us on some stones willing to bite IT WAS ON! Monster Reds and salmon grouper, my first fish was the largest Blue I have ever seen. I started out with my jig stick and a (large) swim bait hoping for a godzilla sized Ling, but the lings were MIA so I grabbed my heavy pole rigged up with two 6/o hooks and a one pound weight after that it was a constant pick of 4 to 6 pound vermillien's mostly two at a time. A few of the other fishermen kept flipping jigs and had steady action on tangling the others on either side of them and not much else! It was a heavy tackle bait bite all the way and we limited the boat out so even the jig-stickers took home a good sack of fillets. All in all it was a great trip, one for the books! I'll probably be sore for a week...mutt.