long beach break water today 6/27/21

we set out about 830 this morning overcast and no wind whatsoever, few boats on the water, hardly any traffic.
we got to our usual spot, i call it the yellow bouy, and the stairs, about 1/4 mile from light house toward long beach. anchored next to the breakwall inside
about 50 ft deep, breakwall was about 50ft away.
we started fishing with anchovies and mussel, got a few king fish, very small, water still cold about 60 degrees even though my boat says 62.
we fishing for about two hours few nibbles, no bass of anykind, we threw out squid got more promising bite a few small batrays about 7 to 10 pounds
then about 10am, a big hit, snapped my line as i was pulling the drag on my reel burned up, the line snapped at the knot.
threw out another squid a chunk, 15 minutes another big hit, fought really hard for 15 minutes using another reel, drag was better the fish kept running, finally saw
its was a big batray, went under the boat, finally got it tired, using 50 pound test like braided. the ray scooped up in a net haul onto the boat.
26 pound batray. see picture.
the weather cleared a tad sun broke out for about an hour, for another two hours nothing bit. no king fish or mackeral, nothing.

had fun though. going to try next week saturday or sunday, anybody wanna go?? Mahigeer??? just to breakwall. im planning a catalina trip maybe mid july.




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Thanks for the invite.
Let me know when we can have dinner at Pars.
I have some halibut fillet for you.
We can discuss the outing too.

Maybe I can rebuilt your reel. Bring it to dinner.