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I'm bored. I was trying to play the piano yesterday and realized I'd forgotten how to read sheet music. So in this exercise it would help me remember what fishing gear I have collected over the years. A few days ago I opened my reel drawer and realized that I had an Abu 5500. I was like, I didn't know I had one. lol

everyday bay lure fishing combo :
*Abu Garcia Silver Max with 14#mono on a 8'6" two piece Daiwa DXS
Quantum Boca with 14# mono on a 8'6" two piece Okuma Celilo

bass fishing combo:
- above.
- a cheap Sougayilang casting reel with 12#mono on an ancient Lamiglas 7' rod
- Pflueger contender on a 6'6" Pflueger contender rod

shore bait fishing combo:
Yumoshi spinning reel with 14# mono on 7' Ugly stick tiger lite

I got more for other types of fishing but above are what I've used lately. And * is what I use 99% of the time

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Main medium action/ medium bait fishing rod:
Old 8ft graphite Berkeley with an abu6501c3 spooled with 15lb high vis mono
Main medium action rod:
8ft cabelas whuppin stick with a penn fierce2 4000 spooled with 20lb green braid
Light action/bait rod:
6.5ft ugly stick lite with a cheap Shakespeare reel spooled with old 40lb white braid
Surf/sharks and rays:
10ft ugly stick with a penn pursuit2 6000 spooled with 40lb green braid
Ultralight(used once at Catalina island):
Old 5ft Berkeley rod with an old abu spinning reel spooled with 6lb blue mono
Medium heavy rod:
Cheap 7ft south bend medium heavy rod with a bg20 loaded with 20lb clear mono

I’ve got way too much stuff I’ll never use, got a lot of older reels that I probably should get rid of. Too many old school Daiwas and penns.