List of Public Piers in San Francisco?


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Spoke to a fellow fisherman this afternoon. He had just come from fishing the waterfront at Ferry Building Pier (The locals used to refer to it as BART Pier many years ago). He mentioned that he was approached by a Game Warden who asked how the fishing was coming along, and then kindly asked to see his license. The fisherman replied that he didn't think he needed one at this pier. He always assumed it was a public pier.

The Game Warden politely replied that the Ferry Building Pier was NOT a public pier. He did admit that for some reason there seems to be some confusion as to the status of this particular pier. He kindly pointed out that license free fishing can be done on a couple other piers near by and showed the fisherman a list of public fishing piers on his cell. Below is a screen shot of part of that list. According to the Warden the list can be found on their website.
The website does have a list of fishing piers Under the heading FIC. (Take a close look at the piers under ***NOTES***)
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Thanks for your work but I'm still not finding the information.

I just went to the California Dept.of Fish and Wildlife site, went to fishing, went to Ocean Sport Fishing, and went to Pier and Shore-Based Sport Fishing. It mostly answers the questions that we developed quite a few years ago with Ed Roberts (and that are on this PFIC). I don't see any list of the piers which would seem to be a logical place for such a list.

What site are you referencing and what does FIC stand for? I would like to see what they came up with. Thanks.

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I think this is an old, old, way outdated document. I do not think this should be posted on the Fish and Wildlife website and I certainly hope it doesn't show the expertise of local wardens.

San Francisco—
(1) What's the difference between the Agua Vista Pier and the Mission Rock Pier listed at Aqua Vista Park? One pier is there.
(2) I could be wrong but I do not believe there is a pier at Islais Creek (although that was a popular fishing spot many, many years ago).
(3) I do not see how the Marina Green Jetty would qualify as a pier given its location.
(4) Pier 24 as a fishing pier? Pier 14 is a pier that does serve that role at times.

San Mateo—
(1) There is no longer a Werder Pier-Foster City Pier. That pier was closed in 1997 following the Loma Prieta Earhquake and then declared a security risk after 9/11/2001. In 2003 several of us from UPSAC spent quite a bit of time attending meetings and working to see it reopened but the San Mateo County Parks and Recreation Department finally gave it a thumbs down due to perceived (and actual) vandalism by visiting anglers.
(2) Oyster Point-Ravenswood Pier. There is an Oyster Point Pier but it's not at west end of the Dumbarton Bridge. The Ravenswood Pier was at that spot but was closed in 1994.

Someone needs to do some serious revision to this document.