Light oil for conventionals

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I normally use some old air tool oil for my reels, partly because it had a convenient tip cap. Turns out it gunks up or something like that. Don’t notice it on spinning reels, but it is definitely noticeable in conventionals with lighter spools. Probably out of its prime. Sometimes I’ll have to break out the wd40 and give it a little spritz to loosen the bearings u and get it to spin freely again. I was breaking down a 6000 ambassadeur and found that if I’d just dilute the oil with a little lighter fluid that I use to clean it that the free spool instantly becomes much better. Guess it’s time for a change. What’s a decent and cheap oil that you guys use for your bearings?


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Corrosion-x is a good brand. Get the one with a nozzle tip. You don't need much, maybe a drop or two in each bearing. Also WD-40 is a big no-no for reels in general. It is a solvent, so it will damage your line and also dissolve any lubrication you had in there in the first place.