Let the snaring season begin! Start of Dungeness season


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Very brief report this time around. I went on Monday for some of the favorable swells near the Ocean Beach area--or so the forecast said. The swells ultimately ended up being a bit more aggressive than what I wanted -- I had near 12oz of weight on one of my homemade snares and it was still being moved around a bit. The forecast didn't seem to have many other promising days in the next few days so I felt good going on Monday.

At the end of the day I ended up being a few hours snaring, with about 10 caught, a few lost on the retrieve after a strong wave, and 3 keepers, all male, and 2 over 7". At one point was pulling in crabs on successive casts but when towards the high tide I wasn't getting anything. In all, a good start to the season. Garlic peppercorn crab and Singapore chili crab were on the meal for dinner.

Snares: Homemade
Rods/Reels: 11' Tsunami heavy rod w/ Penn Pursuit 6000 w/ 65lb Power Pro, an 8' Daiwa Big 5 rod I got for free off of Craigslist paired with an old Ugly Stik Combo reel and maybe 20lb mono (I need a new separate combo...)
Bait: Squid, Sardines

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Thanks for the post.

To be clear this must have been in Northern California, as snares are not allowed in Ocean Beach (San Diego), Southern California.