Lessons learned

Brock Norris

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So i haven't been fishing in awhile nursing a pinched nerve in my back . But today i thought i would take a walk out on the belmont pier maybe fish just for an hour. I only took one rod and a limited amount of tackle and frozen anchovies figured to maybe just catch a mackerel or two. the bait kiosk at the base of pier is open i had a nice talk with the owner he said fishing was ok sardines and a few bonito. So off i went immediately i was seeing flopping bonito on the deck in close I set up mid pier and proceeded to catch a few mackerel .The bonito went wide open for a few minutes and there i was with the improper tackle most were caught on splasher rigs I haven't seen a bite like that in quite awhile so the lesson is always bring assortment of tackle just in case ha well thanks Brock