Late report


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Had a chance to travel a bit last week. Here are the stats:
Crescent City break water Wed. 8/12: 3 rock fish to 12" caught on hi/lo with shrimp
Kellogg Road Beach (north of Crescent City) Thu 8/13: 13 serf perch to 13" all caught on 2" Gulp sand worm (camo)
Enderts Beach (South of Crescent City) Friday, 8/14: 7 surf perch to 10" caught on 2" Gulp sand worm (camo)
Bodega Dunes Beach Sun. 8/23: 7 surf perch to 10" all caught on Gulp sand worm (blood color)
All of the surf perch were caught using a "Carolina" rig with a 2 oz. sinker, #2 bait holder hook on a 2' leader.
Was finally able to try out my new 8' 6" Ugly stick E-lite rod. What a blast! Strong enough to toss 2 ounces, but light and sensitive.