Late Report Huntington Beach Pier 4/26


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Met a couple friends in the morning. We all arrived later than planning and really didn't start fishing until 8AM. Fishing was slow. We started inshore with only intermittent bites from smelt. Then we went to the end to try to get on a more reliable bite as one of my friends had never caught a fish before. Finally after showing my friend who is from Brazil how to slow retrieve a small hook sabiki, he landed a smelt. Always exciting when someone catches their fish fish. He wanted to keep the fish, so I re-rigged with a small hook sabiki to try to load up on enough smelt to justify my friend's wife heating up a pan of oil for a fish fry. Intermittent bite at best but I was able to catch a mackerel, a shiner perch, and 8 smelt before we had to leave at 11AM.

Went back to the pier at 6:15PM and found a fairly wide open bait bite for about 15 minutes where 5 different fish were biting: mackerel, sardines, smelt, anchovies, and small lizard fish. Landed about 10 fish in 10 minutes and went home with a few mackerel a handful of sardines and an anchovy. Been a while since I was at a local pier with a wide open bait bit like that. It was exciting even though the fish were small.
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Ken Jones

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The macs often like the very early morning and early evening hours. And, it's always fun when there 's a full on bite with several different species.