Late Post: 72nd Jetty Long Beach Skunk & Initial Rod Review


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Hi Everyone.

I went to 72nd Jetty in Long Beach Saturday 04/03/2021. Long story short it was a skunk day. It was a windy day. I fished close to inshore and in the middle of the jetty. From what I can tell the action was really slow and no one else was catching either.

I finally got a chance to fish the Daiwa Saltist Light Action Surf Rod (9'6 Medium. Fast Action) which I had bought last year. It's fairly nice rod that casts pretty far effortlessly (overhead cast) using 5/8oz jerkbaits. The rod lure weight is rated at 5/16-1 1/4 oz however I had no issues casting a Shimano Coltsniper Jig (42 g / 1.5 oz I think). I think the rod retails for $150 or so. The rod butt is pretty short (unlike traditional east coast surf rods) and to my liking potentially making it appropriate for pier use.