lake mead


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nevada, near las vegas

I was there last week. Since I drove my truck, I had my bay striper fishing gear already, so I went. You can get a nonresident fishing license online. I got it on my cellphone. There is a national park entrance fee at boulder city. And then you can go find a spot. The first spot was at the "fishing pier" where there were a a bunch of people fishing and not catching. Like me. Water was really nice in the morning. flat. clear. shore is either rocky or muddy.

spied some grazing carp and trout. threw all sorts of stuff. the bait people were soaking anchovies.

Drove around and went off road to find another sport. I'm not saying. That's the joy of fishing. go find your spots. Anyways, there were other people there too. water was deeper and bluer. threw my lures. up and down the water column. no fish. i bet the fish are schooling at the crack of dawn and dusk and night.

Anyways, a way to spend half a day if you got nothing else to do in the area.