Kirby Cove GGNRA Report


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I fished the beach at Kirby Cove from 2 to 6:30pm, high tide was a 4pm. I cast out a sliding sinker rig with squid on a circle hook and started setting up a hi/low rig on another rod. Before I could finish I heard the clicker going off, I locked the reel and gave a pull and my line went slack, I reeled in the 65lb braid with a torn end, my whole rig was gone. Weird enough but when I tied a new rig I had the exact same thing happen to me a second time.

I gave up on trying to fish that setup and started fishing the hi/low with shrimp and had almost nonstop jacksmelt action, some of these were very big. Definitely a good place if you want jacksmelt. I caught them casting out far mostly. Also there was a loon working the surf area for fish and possibly a couple peregrine falcons came and circled above the bridge for a minute, very cool.

But about the lost rigs, does anyone have a theory as to what would break a sliding rig off above the weight like I described?


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It may have gotten nicked by a rock and whatever was taking your bait rubbed it just enough to break. Another possibility is that it got caught in the slider and the fish was able to use that as a wedge to cut the line. To prevent this, I would use a mono shock/rub leader. 40-65# test should suffice. It also stretches, which reduces the impact of a sudden run or a hard headshake.