July 2022 Fishing Report, Northern California (#276)

Ken Jones

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Northern California Piers
July 2022 Fishing Report, NorCal (#276)

Spud Point Marina Pier (Bodega Bay) — The pier is open and a variety of perch should be available on the bottom along with a few jacksmelt in the top-water section. Bat rays and leopard sharks are also a possibility. How To Get There: Take East Shore Rd. off of Hwy. 1 to Bay Flat Rd. Turn right and follow until the road turns into West Shore Rd. Continue on past the marina until you see the breakwater.

Point Arena Pier – The usual variety of fish should be available — striped perch, calico surfperch, cabezon, kelp rockfish, buffalo sculpin, and an occasional lingcod. How To Get There: From the south, turn left from Hwy. 1 onto Iverson Ave., which will turn into Port Rd. Simply follow the road to the pier. From the north, turn right onto Port Rd. and follow it to the pier.

Del Norte Street Fishing Pier (Eureka) — Expect a few perch and small rockfish along with an occasional jacksmelt. Some sharays, including BIG bat rays, may also make a visit. How To Get There: Take Highway 101 to the south end of Eureka, turn west on Del Norte Street and follow it to the pier.

Trinidad Pier — Typically a few perch (primarily striped seaperch), kelp greenling, rock greenling, small rockfish, and cabezon, but live bait fished on the top may also attract lingcod. Salmon are also a possibility. How To Get There: From Highway 101 take the Trinidad exit and follow the road all the way to the harbor-it will change from Main Street to Trinity to Edwards Street. (A license is required from this pier.

Citizens Dock (Crescent City) — The pier is now restricted so fish around the inshore rocks where a variety of small rockfish, cabezon and an occasional seaperch are almost always available. At time jacksmelt are also available on Sabikis; simply cast out into the harbor waters. How To Get There: From Highway 101 turn west on Citizens Dock Road and follow it to the dock.

“B” Street Pier (Crescent City) — Not too many fish. The best shot is to try on the top with a Sabiki for jacksmelt. An occasional flounder or halibut may be taken on the bottom, an occasional salmon when fishing the top waters. How To Get There: Take Highway 101 to Front Street, go west on Front Street to B Street, then go south (left) on B Street to the pier.