Johnson Pier —Pillar Point Harbor

Ken Jones

Staff member
Stopped by the Johnson Pier at Pillar Point for an hour's fishing last Thursday. Unfortunately not much action, just two white seaperch and a bullhead (staghorn sculpin). Last visit had seen sardines being caught from the pier.

Johnson.Pier_2022.8.1_Pillar.Pt. Harbor copy.jpg

Map of Pillar Point Harbor

Johnson.Pier_2022.8.4_Pier.sign copy.jpg

The sign near the entrance

Jonnson,Pier_2022.8.11_Pier copy.jpg

You can fish by this entrance fence; you cannot fish out on the pier by the boats


I had the pier to myself this day

Johnson.Pier_2022.8.2_Seals copy.jpg

Watch out for the pinnipeds

Johnson.Pier_2022.8.6_Restrooms copy.jpg

Good restrooms

Johnson.Pier_2022.8.8_No.Butts copy.jpg

No Butts

Johnson.Pier_2022.8.10_Cleaning.station copy.jpg

Good cleaning stations

Johnson.Pier_2022.8.12_Pillar.Point.Harbor copy.jpg

Heading to Hawaii?