It's My Birthday So I Went Fishing Today!

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Celebrated my birthday by going pier fishing at Seal Beach today - Saturday June 11th. Had the extra bonus of my wife fishing with me. We had a great day catching a lot of fish.

We caught 2 Batrays, 2 Roundrays, 2 Thornback Rays, 2 White Seabass (short), several Spanish and Pacific Mackerel, Salema, Topsmelt and Queenfish. One White Seabass caught on live smelt. The other hit on a sabiki rig.

The Seal Beach PD held a "Cops n Bobbers" fishing derby for kids from 7 - 9 a.m.

A lot of Mackerel, Queenfish, Walleye Perch, Yellowfin Croaker and a Spotted Sandbass caught by the kids. It was very enjoyable to see so many children and their parents getting involved and learning how to fish.

I had the personal satisfaction of watching a father and son fishing with a sabiki loaded with too much shrimp. They weren't getting anything. I recommended they reduce the amount of bait on each hook, mix up the hooks baited with squid, anchovy, and shrimp, leaving some hooks bare. Drop to the bottom and slowly work the bait up to the surface. First cast and the kid caught a seven inch Salema. Father and son ecstatic!

For all experienced fisherman, we do what we do so naturally on the pier, and we catch fish. Share your knowledge with a newbie and "our fishing routine" goes to another level. Father couldn't thank me enough.

Have a great weekend!
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