Isleton Shaker-Fest

Had a good time camping with some families at Viera’s Resort just down the river from Isleton.

Despite the opening of salmon season, we fished from the dock, kayaks, paddle boards, and boats for all the shaker-strippers you could ever hope for. Cut anchovy and bloodworms did the trick, but one of those baits was definitely less expensive than the other.

My first fish off the dock at sundown was a barely legal or close... didn’t measure it, but I’m a big lummox, so figured it went somewhere between 17-19” before I watched it swim away. Every fish since then was a lot smaller. A few catfish climbed on the hi-lo rigs, and I caught a 2 lb. smallmouth on cut ‘chovy just for giggles.

Sharon at Hap’s was very friendly, and the lady at Bob’s in Isleton was also very pleasant, although she did tell me we were a little late (or early) for big stripers. Oh well, find your vacations when and where they occur, and if the fish bite, even better.

A relaxed and pretty part of the world. Special thanks for former Lodite (not Luddite!) Ken Jones, for the local knowledge.

Ken Jones

Staff member
I used to fish that area almost weekly when I lived in Lodi and there were always a million under-sized stripers to go along with the occasional legal-size fish. Much like the kelp bass at the Green Pleasure Pier although these these tended to be larger.