Interesting article on a thresher shark

Ken Jones

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Baby Shark Captured — The Youngest Netted By Fishermen Off Angel Island —

First of the Man-Eating Species Ever Caught in the Bay of San Francisco

No, it's actually a thresher shark and they are not man-eaters! — A baby shark of the man-eating species, commonly called the basking shark, but known best to fishermen as the Manila shark, was caught near Angel Island last Thursday by Captain Maggio. The fisherman had quite a struggle to capture the ferocious youngster. The young shark is seven feet in length from the head to the extreme point of the tail and weighs fifty pounds. The tail is about three and a half feet long. Sharks of this species grow to immense size, weighing from 600 to 1000 pounds each.

The baby shark from which the accompanying sketch is made is on exhibition at J. B. Inguelia & Co.’s, 520 Merchant Street, and will remain there day-to-day.

The statement is made by the fishermen that this is the first of the man-eating sharks ever caught in the Bay of San Francisco, although they are common enough in southern waters off the coast of Mexico and Central America. It is surmised that this young fellow lost the school to which he belonged and in seeking for warmer waters entered the bay. He is well equipped with three rows of teeth. The fishermen estimate that he was able to strike a 300-pound blow with his tail.

San Francisco Chronicle, July 18, 1897