Imperial Beach Pier Improvements -- Your Thoughts

SC McCarty

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It seems like a lot of their visions for the pier will be limiting the fishing in favor of tourism. As you wrote in your Imperial Beach Pier article, "Perhaps the city forgets the role anglers played in helping the pier get built and the role of the California Wildlife Conservation Board? "

Ken Jones

Staff member
I posed the question because I had the same thoughts. It seemed to me almost everything visual is geared to surfing and I really do not understand the need for various sayings along the railings, it's like they are trying to convince themselves those thoughts need promotion For anglers, the pier and a few fish are all that's needed. It's kind of like preaching to the choir.

However, the article also says, "Over the past 10 years, the Port has invested nearly $2 million to refurbish the deck, replace lighting and make other pier repairs. The Port also helped pay for the $2.7 million reconstruction of the pier after more than 500 feet went down during the 1982-83 winter storms." Those things seem to get less attention in the article but are great for the pier.